Other Early Christian Gospels

by Andrew Bernhard

"This is an excellent resource. It brings together conveniently a number of texts both in Greek and in English . . . it deserves to be widely read, and its editor is to be congratulated on his achievement."
Andrew Gregory
Co-editor of
Oxford Early Christian Gospels
Oxford University, England, UK

"A really useful volume and a welcome addition to the Library of New Testament Studies."
Mark Goodacre
Associate Professor of New Testament
Duke University, North Carolina, USA

"Bernhard's timely study is a valuable addition to the fast-growing scholarly literature on the non-canonical gospels . . . both inside and outside the academy, this is an immensely useful introductory handbook."
Loveday Alexander
Professor of Biblical Studies
University of Sheffield, England, UK

"Presentation of each fragment is generally well done, including an introduction, critical Greek text, sometimes a simplified 'student's' Greek text, and English translation; the plates are excellent and the volume well indexed."
Michael Holmes
Professor of Biblical Studies and Early Christianity
Bethel University, Minnesota, USA

"The book is serviceable, and it is certainly useful to have the Greek texts readily available in a single volume."
Christopher Tuckett
Professor of Theology
Oxford University, England, UK

"Bernhard has compiled an excellent critical edition of the extant Greek fragments of
non-canonical Gospels with a suitable English translation."
Michael Bird
Lecturer in Theology and New Testament
Crossway College, Brisbane, Australia

"There are splendidly clear photographs of the Akhmim fragment of [the Gospel of Peter] . . . . The book contains good indexes."
J.K. Elliott
Professor of New Testament Textual Criticism
University of Leeds, England, UK

"A convenient reference for those who wish to consult either the Greek text or see photographic plates of these manuscripts."
Paul Foster
Senior Lecturer, New Testament
University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

"Finally we have a critical edition of the Greek extra-canonical gospels in one volume. Andrew Bernhard has put together an indispensable academic tool - the original Greek manuscripts photographed and transcribed, along with his own translations of the gospels known to us from papyrus fragments."
April DeConick
Professor of Biblical Studies
Rice University, Texas, USA

"Bernhard certainly succeeds in accomplishing an interesting and useful database for students and non-specialists in the field."
Thomas Kraus
Former Lecturer
University of Ratisbona, Regensberg, Germany

"Bernhard has produced a volume that most who do work in this subject area will want to own. For students of Greek, it might also make an interesting and inexpensive classroom tool for introducing students to the process of working from manuscript to transcription to edited text and translation. It is a successful effort and a welcome addition to the study of extracanonical literature."
Stephen J. Patterson
Professor of New Testament
Eden Theological Seminary

"It is in the presentation of the texts that one finds appreciation for Bernhard's work. [Almost every] text is presented in three ways: firstly, the left-hand page provides a structured Greek text with all the editorial signs and critical apparatus; secondly, the right-hand page presents a paragraphed Greek text, with no editorial signs or critical apparatus, followed [thirdly] by a literal translation."
Chris de Wet
Lecturer in Greek
University of Pretoria/Aucklandpark Theological Seminary, South Africa

"This handy book, which is also a skillful advertising brochure, offers educational material for independent study in the field of theological texts. One wishes that something similar could be created in many other areas of papyrology for the benefit of coming generations."
Hermann Harrauer
Former Director of the Papyrus Collection and Papyrus Museum
National Library of Austria, Vienna, Austria

"Bernhard has done a great service by providing a comprehensive sourcebook of the Greek [manuscripts]. It will serve to increase our knowledge of these other early Christian Gospels and may shed yet more light on the development of early Christian theology . . . . The texts appear in very user-friendly form . . . . The presentation of the texts is very clear . . . . The critical apparatus is particularly valuable . . . . It is exciting to read the plates at the back of the book with the help of the critical editions provided. By comparing the printed texts with the photographs on the plates, one can appreciate the painstaking work of producing editions of ancient manuscripts. One becomes aware of the possibility of different readings of the text and of variant interpretations based on restorations. And one realizes the debt owed to the scholars who have undertaken this meticulous work."
Francis Gignac
Professor of Biblical Studies
The Catholic University of America, Washington, DC, USA