This site is dedicated to extracanonical Gospels – early Christian Gospels which weren't included in the New Testament.

The translations presented here have been committed to the public domain and may be freely copied and used, changed or unchanged, for any purpose.


Announcement by
Andrew Bernhard

Thank you to all who have visited my site during the past twenty years. I am humbled by the attention it has received and grateful for the opportunities it has provided me to connect with interesting people around the world.

I am now pleased to pass on to Mark Mattison. I have been impressed by his dedication, as an independent scholar, to preparing public domain translations of ancient gospels not included in the New Testament. I regard Mark's work in making these gospels available online and usable by all as invaluable.

I wish Mark only the best in continuing his work of making these texts easily accessible (without either sensationalizing or denigrating them). is his website now.

– Andrew Bernhard
(Labor Day 2017)

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